December 1, 2015

Our Global Network and You can Help Too

We just hit 103,000 reach, and almost 2000 likes in 30 countries!!!! How amazing? Soon we will reach the moon and the stars! In honor of this, our First Everyday Heroes Contest Deadline is Dec 10/15. Tell us about; 1)Top 3 practical and creative ideas on how to make a better world together. 2) Top 3 verifiable Hero Stories Categories: Good Samaritans Human rescue story Animal rescue story Country as a Hero Submit this information via Facebook or on our website BEFORE December 15, for a chance to win something […]
December 15, 2015

Our Global Community Gets BIGGER Everyday

Oh, the possibilities are endless! Everyday Heroes is now officially in over 30+ countries! From the pyramids of Egypt, to the Haitian beaches, people all around the world are feeling our hero vibes, and activating their hero genes! With our first like from Turkey, Everyday Heroes is really expanding the horizons, and inspiring all different types of people. Doing good makes you feel good, and EDH spreads this universal message through our hero stories, tales of true courage. So let this global phenomenon of EDH keep spreading the world, as […]
January 9, 2016

Our Global Community is Our Hero

A couple of days ago, EDH received a wonderful message from a facebook friend named Dianna: “My Hero is me!! You can knock me down, but I get up, dust myself off and keep on going! Im the only one that tells me the whole truth and I can rely on myself to be there when need be! I am completely faithful and honest and I love myself for that!” That message, a simple hero story, really inspired us. While looking back at the message a few days after it […]
April 29, 2016

Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television

Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television is riveting!! The made for Television trailer gives you a taste of what some of our Everyday Heroes had to overcome. They had to find great inner courage in the face of gangs, domestic violence, bullying and suicide. The Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer features some of our most courageous Everyday Heroes. Some of our Everyday Heroes include Sonia, Modya, Jessica, and the Future Aces team. Think about what it means when you are faced with a terrifying situation […]