January 23, 2016

Child Heroes

A reoccurring theme here at EDH recently has been about the special heroism of babies and small children, along with their brave parents. The parent-child relationship involves both parents and their children to be brave at times, and activate the hero gene inside of them. From a little girl playing the harp as if she had been at it for over 20 years, to preemie mamas and their babies fighting to survive, heroes really do come in all shapes and sizes. So this week, we ask you all to look […]
February 15, 2016

Family Everyday Heroes

Family. The one thing you know will always be there for you. Today in Canada marks Family Day; the day to celebrate who birthed you, raised you, and who has been there for you. Family is important for everyone. Take the Carnegie women for example. Herb Carnegie, a famous hockey player, had his backbone with him throughout his entire career. The backbone being his wife and daughter, and later his granddaughter. Herb wouldn’t have been the man he was without his family. He achieved a lot for at risk kids […]
March 28, 2016

Sunnybrook’s Little Miracles

Watch our Beautiful Incubator Baby Abigail and her Mama Lise.These are true Everyday Heroes!!
April 8, 2016

NEW Daniela Preemie Mama

Daniela reminds us that life itself is a miracle, not to be taken for granted. We see this miracle in her journey of having not one, but two beautiful preemie babies. The small babies’ arms fit into their father’s wedding band. Watch how the babies, their parents, doctors, and nurses are not courageous once; but TWICE. After hearing her story, you’ll be thankful and amazed at the same time, that two tiny babies can go through so much trauma before being a year old.