May 11, 2016
Hero Story #1

Helen Keller: Champion for the blind and deaf

Helen Keller: Champion for the blind and deaf. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart”. – Helen Keller (1880-1968). Born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, at one and a half years old, Helen became extremely ill and lost both her vision and hearing. She struggled to fit into a world she could not connect to. At the age of six, her parents learned about the Perkins School for the Deaf, hiring Annie Sullivan to teach their daughter how […]
May 2, 2016
Hero Story #2

EverydayHero Papito Wilson Inspires and Innovates

EverydayHero Papito Wilson Inspires and Innovates EverydayHero Papito Wilson Inspires and Innovates people to step outside of their comfort zones, and find their inner EverydayHero. Papito has been an inspiration to almost every person he meets. He is a bright star amidst a sea of people, always making his community laugh and smile. It can be a dark, cold, grey day outside, but when you are in EverydayHero Papito’s presence, it feels so warm and welcoming, as if the sun has come out. What a gift he is because with […]
April 11, 2016
Hero Story #3

EverydayHero Papito

EverydayHero Papito had a dream, to compete in the World Championship games, and that’s exactly what he did. After almost losing his head from a horrific accident that cost him a leg, Papito never gave up on himself. His perseverance touched Jack Layton, who got Papito Canadian citizenship within one week, so he could compete for Canada at the World Paralympic Championship Games.
March 30, 2016
Hero Story #4

EverydayHeroes Amazing Trailer

The ‘everyday hero’ gene is found inside of everyone, everywhere. It is waiting for the right moment to be turned on. It is expressed in simple, ordinary actions of kindness, courage, and love. An everyday hero sacrifices for the greater good. A hero shows true empathy and compassion. Doing good feels good, and it is in our nature to do good things for others, sharing love. The everyday hero is all of us, will you join us? Let’s make the world a better place, together…