December 13, 2015

May the Force Be With You

Star Wars is near and look who’s excited! In honour of the new Star Wars movie, we want to explore how people take journeys and discover their inner hero. Who is your hero? More importantly, what makes you happy and who do you share it with, at this time of the year? Just some words of wisdom, May the force (of happiness) always be with you, EDH
December 18, 2015

Everyday Heroes is Spreading

Everyday Heroes just keeps getting bigger and BIGGER each week!! To our surprise, we got our first like from Turkey, and India!! Our movement is spreading like wild fire! We are so pleased to recognize the 20+ countries that have supported us throughout our journey. Heroes are not a nationality, rather something people from all over the globe can be, to connect with each other. It does not matter if you’re European, Asian, or Australian (hint to Australia, start liking our page!), the hero gene is activated in all. Everyday […]
January 14, 2016

Heroes are All Around You

Have you ever wondered what a simple smile on the street does to the people around you? I’ll tell you one thing – those people certainly don’t forget when they are smiled at, especially from someone as good looking as you are (yes, I’m talking about you!). The point is, we can learn a valuable lesson about the small random acts of kindness occurring to us, or from us. That lesson is, every time a genuine act is done, a hero is born. Your inner hero gets a chance to […]
April 8, 2016

NEW Daniela Preemie Mama

Daniela reminds us that life itself is a miracle, not to be taken for granted. We see this miracle in her journey of having not one, but two beautiful preemie babies. The small babies’ arms fit into their father’s wedding band. Watch how the babies, their parents, doctors, and nurses are not courageous once; but TWICE. After hearing her story, you’ll be thankful and amazed at the same time, that two tiny babies can go through so much trauma before being a year old.