October 28, 2015

EDH team hard at work

The Everyday Hero team is constantly hard at work to discover local heroes that help develop the community.
November 16, 2015

Statistics Overview of October 2015

We are proud to announce that we have reached over 1100 Facebook likes while engaging in 25 different countries around the world in just one month!
November 18, 2015

Happy Preemie Mama Day!

http://www.faithtap.com/4542/how-a-miracle-baby-was-kept-warm-by-doctors/ Check this article out! It represents the journey a Preemie Mama faces during the hardest time in her life. Our EDH Preemie Mamas are so brave, and inspire people with their stories. Check out Preemie Mama Daniella’s journey on our site! Www.EverydayHeroes.Life
November 26, 2015

Amazing Stories Around Us

Hey everyone! Check out the amazing story on our Facebook page of how a New Yorker gives a homeless woman her shoes! How incredible are people! Sharing love always, EDH