August 18, 2017
Hero Story #1

Who is an Everyday Hero?

The ‘everyday hero’ gene is found inside of everyone, everywhere. It is waiting for the right moment to be turned on. It is expressed in simple, ordinary actions of kindness, courage, and love. An everyday hero sacrifices for the greater good. A hero shows true empathy and compassion. Doing good feels good, and it is in our nature to do good things for others, sharing love. The everyday hero is all of us, will you join us? Let’s make the world a better place, together… The EVERYDAY HERO’s journey is […]
July 31, 2017
Hero Story #2

Seed Of Inspiration

www.EverydayHeroes.Life is an initiative to bring out the Hero in everyone, everywhere, by activating the gene to do good. Barbara’s Dad was her first Hero, and a National Hero, in pre-Israel Palestine. He was the seed that sparked her interest in Heroes. When “Wallet Angels” returned her stolen wallet, EverydayHeroes was born. We all have the ability to be an Everyday Hero, because heroic and taking inspired action lives inside. EverydayHeroes is a place to share hope, and together, we can change the world.
May 27, 2017
Hero Story #3

Everyday Heroes of AUTISM

Everyday Heroes of AUTISM: Families of kids with autism are true Everyday Heroes. We take communication for granted, not knowing what a challenge it is for these kids with autism and their Families. Thanks to organizations like AIM (Autism In Mind), parents and their kids get IBI (Intensive Behavioural Intervention) and gain coping skills. These treatments result in happier children who learn to express themselves to get their needs met. Hope is restored. We met these Families at Bean Around the World- Markham at their second annual Fundraiser for Autism. […]
Hero Story #4

Autism In Mind (AIM)

Autism in Mind (AIM) facilitates communication between parents and their children using IBI treatment. Organizations like AIM are helping kids cope every day.