December 1, 2016

Papito: Accident to Athlete, Loss to Gain

Papito had a dream, to compete in the World Championship games, and that’s exactly what he did. After almost losing his head from a horrific accident that cost him a leg, Papito never gave up on himself. His perseverance touched Jack Layton, who got Papito Canadian citizenship within one week, so he could compete for Canada at the World Paralympic Championship Games.
December 2, 2016

Future Aces: Future Leaders Long Version

Herb Carnegie’s legacy continues to impact kids to ‘be the best they can be’. Future Aces Conferences empower kids to change their lives, and slowly change the lives of others. They reinvent themselves, and create opportunity for success in their lives and in the world. Meet Amanda, who loves raising kids’ self esteem and leadership skills. Vivian instills the mantra of ‘believing in yourself’. Kethavan, a super smart kid, was bullied and learned to look past suicidal thoughts with his new found self esteem. Jo’el, an At Risk kid, got […]
December 3, 2016

Powerful Carnegie Women

Meet the strong women behind the scenes that supported Herb Carnegie to get his message out to the world. Three Carnegie women (Audrey, Bernice and Brooke) enabled him to always lead by example and show courage at every turn. He embodied “Believing in Yourself” which is the mantra we all need. It is these women that are carrying Herb Carnegie’s legacy forward through The Future Aces Foundation.