• Have you guys got some secret partnership with Kleenex?  LOL!!!  When I read the stories and see the videos on your page I think maybe I need to purchase stock in Kleenex...
    Tom Mecham
  • It's a symbiotic relationship that we've lost and it affects us so deeply. I pray for this to spread. Thank you SO much for all the wonderful, uplifting posts.
    Andy Katz Evans
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity. It's an honor to be a part of something that reminds students that they are not alone, no matter what they are going through, and inspires them to make a change. Looking forward to the next time I get to work with you!
    Kethavan Sivakumar
  • The website is very well designed and the content is very polished and well shot. What you have created is nothing less than a necessity in this world. I applaud you for giving back in such a positive way!!!
    Bruno Verdoni

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