November 28, 2015

Who is your Hero

Who is your Hero? Yes, EDH always asks our visitors this question, but we really want you to think about it. Look deep within and try to gather an answer. Who helped you at a time of trouble? Who made you smile? Who makes the world a better place? Just something to think about on this fine Friday evening. Good luck, EDH
December 6, 2015

Heroes in Space 

Greetings from space! Yes, that would be great to bring EDH to universal borders, but for now a global community is just great. NASA, like our Everyday Heroes, makes the world a better place through discovery and imagination. This serves as an important lesson for us earthlings – always look beyond borders, and learn new things. The hero gene can be activated in all of us, all we need to is look, listen and learn. So we salute NASA for always opening up new borders for us earthlings, making discovery […]
December 6, 2015

Animals are Heroes Too

EverydayHeroes recognizes not only human heroes, but our furry friends too! Brave animals including our furry friend here go through tough life experiences, and survive and pull through to make it to their happy places. We appreciate and acknowledge Heroes of all different shapes, sizes and species. Check out our human heroes too, who knows, maybe you will be as inspired as we were to make a difference, after hearing their thought provoking stories. So watch on, and get inspired. Sending love, EDH.