February 6, 2016
Hero Story #1

Healthy Heroes

As we approach the weekend, Everyday Heroes wants you all to be appreciative of your health, and the heroes working everyday to save lives and cure disease. Being healthy is something a lot of us don’t think about in our day to day lives. It’s something that passes us by. But sometimes we don’t realize how important our well being actually is. Everyday Heroes wants you to be thankful for the health and wellness you have everyday, and appreciate all the heroes who help out with the well being. Whether […]
February 3, 2016
Hero Story #2

Hero Superstars Under A Year Old

  It’s baby time here at EDH! No, we are not expecting, and we sure don’t mean just the average, everyday baby. We mean we are crazy for our courageous, inspiring preemie babies! It’s preemie baby mania here! We simply cannot mention the preemie babies without paying homage to their remarkable mothers, fathers, doctors and nursing team. When a premature baby is brought in this world, every person involved in the process is a hero in their own right. A hero for striving to make the experience one to overcome, […]
December 25, 2015
Hero Story #3

Sesame Street: Everyday Heroes Promo

HBO proudly supports Sesame Street’s “Everyday Heroes” club. This is what they have to say about heroes: Smarter, stronger, and kinder: It’s what we aim to be here on Sesame Street and it’s our mission to help kids everywhere grow up that way, too. So we’ve started a new club – The Everyday Heroes Club – and it’s open to everyone! No super hero cape needed, just small acts of kindness that anyone can do every single day. For more information go to SesameHeroes.org  
December 17, 2015
Hero Story #4

Future Aces Behind the Scene Footage Coming Soon

Who doesn’t love Future Aces, and the difference they make for so many at risk kids! We have decided to let you take a sneak peak into their fascinating world of helping kids, combined with the world of filmmaking.