Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television


Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television

Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television is riveting!! The made for Television trailer gives you a taste of what some of our Everyday Heroes had to overcome. They had to find great inner courage in the face of gangs, domestic violence, bullying and suicide. The Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer features some of our most courageous Everyday Heroes. Some of our Everyday Heroes include Sonia, Modya, Jessica, and the Future Aces team.

Think about what it means when you are faced with a terrifying situation that threatens your very existence. What would you do? Sonia, a victim of domestic violence, had to find her inner strength to build Project Phoenix that helps Women and children from Shelters regain confidence.This powerful young Everyday Hero’s mission is to counter domestic violence by recreating safety, with a sense of dignity in the home. Modya and Jessica, through the Human Kindness project, help Women and children in Shelters move from fear to confidence. The Future Aces team instils confidence in Kids during their conferences. Fourteen year old Kethavan, overcame thoughts of suicide, from constant ridicule by school bullies, just because he was a super smart kid. Future Aces instilled confidence in him to get beyond this. Outspoken Elizabeth learned to feel good about herself too.

Future Aces impacts lives of at risk kids. At their conferences, kids are brought in and engaged in leadership activities. They are told they ARE leaders and By the time they leave the Future Aces Conferences, they regain their confidence and begin to lead by example. The transformation is profound!! Elizabeth, Kethavan, and Jo’el are all Everyday Heroes who were at risk kids before attending these conferences. Today all lead meaningful lives, saying no to bullying, violence and gangs.

The EverydayHeroes Global Movement of Kindness and Courage is seen in our Everyday Hero stories.There are many unsung Heroes in the world, who rise to the occasion, and do good.

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