June 8, 2016
Hero Story #1

In Honor of Blood Donor’s Day

Today we would like to make a post in tribute to the World Blood Donor’s Day on June 14th, an international day of recognition of Everyday Hero blood donors globally and their important, lifesaving contribution. The day exists to spread wider awareness of the need for blood transfusion and to bring more into the fold. The marked day itself was born in May 2005, when the 192 member states of WHO adopted a resolution to establish it as an annual event, in collaboration with the Red Crescent, Red Cross, and a […]
April 29, 2016
Hero Story #2

Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television

Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer for Television is riveting!! The made for Television trailer gives you a taste of what some of our Everyday Heroes had to overcome. They had to find great inner courage in the face of gangs, domestic violence, bullying and suicide. The Everyday Heroes Inspiring Trailer features some of our most courageous Everyday Heroes. Some of our Everyday Heroes include Sonia, Modya, Jessica, and the Future Aces team. Think about what it means when you are faced with a terrifying situation […]
February 3, 2016
Hero Story #3

Hero Superstars Under A Year Old

  It’s baby time here at EDH! No, we are not expecting, and we sure don’t mean just the average, everyday baby. We mean we are crazy for our courageous, inspiring preemie babies! It’s preemie baby mania here! We simply cannot mention the preemie babies without paying homage to their remarkable mothers, fathers, doctors and nursing team. When a premature baby is brought in this world, every person involved in the process is a hero in their own right. A hero for striving to make the experience one to overcome, […]
October 23, 2015
Hero Story #4

Little Miracles

Our trailer previews just a moment in the life of a mother to a premature baby in sunnybrook’s intenive care unit (ICU). Everyday these babies face challenges just to be able to breathe something we take for granted. The mothers have to be strong despite their fears. For most pregnancy is joyful and relatively easy. For these mother and their babies, it is a life and death experience.