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We are not here to tell you what a hero is, as heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and are found in many places. We hope to inspire you to share your heroes with us, and we want to know why we need heroes in the world. As Oscar Wilde once said, “are you ready to stand up and be a hero?,” and that is what we want you to think carefully about. We hope you help us spread goodness, love, kind acts, because we feel that’s what the world needs.

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Barbara Borenstein

Producer / Director

Barbara’s passion for storytelling was instilled by her Mother and Grandmother. As a Sales and Marketing professional, she shared stories with her clients, enabling her to form relationships easily.

Her journey into Documentary Filmmaking began when her Father, Morris (Moshe) passed away (in 2008). Barbara’s Tribute Film of her Father marked his place in History. This ‘Labor of Love’ led her to filmmaking as a career. Her Father inspired her to look for Heroes in the world. When her stolen wallet was returned, Everyday Heroes was born.

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Shane (Nachi) Robbins

Shane, known as Nachi, edits and films various projects with his partner Sagi on Wild Ink Media projects. As the business development manager, he is currently using new drone applications in film. At Ryerson University, he is in Business Management, and blends the Film and Business worlds.

Sagi Kahane-Rapport

Sagi’s passion for film began at a young age. Sagi is constantly experimenting with new media and techniques with his business partner Shane (Nachi). Their company, Wild Ink Media, offers film services using leading edge technology and innovation. Currently, he is a Ryerson University Film student.

Mark Werner

Already an experienced Production Assistant, Mark worked on several film sets of many celebrities in Toronto, Canada. He was invited back as a team member, because of his enthusiasm and excellence. He is a Ryerson University Film student bringing tremendous value to the Film Sector.

Faith Balshin

Faith has been writing content for newspapers and science magazines for many years. Her skills were developed by contributing to both Wilfrid Laurier and York University’s newspapers. She is a Pre-Med student at York University. Faith brings Everyday Heroes’ social media and website content to life with her outgoing nature that uplifts our audience.