April 22, 2016
Hero Story #1

EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice Saving At Risk Kids

EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice Saving At Risk Kids EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice saving at risk kids each and every day. Brooke and Bernice make this world a better place. Through their generosity and Future Aces movement, they are impacting many different kids. They are guiding kids to lead better lives; to become leaders. Sometimes people wonder what their calling is in life, and they look for it for many years. Brooke, daughter of Bernice, found hers at a young age. She saw her grandfather, Herbert Carnegie, give back to the […]
April 20, 2016
Hero Story #2

EverydayHeroes New Trailer With Inspiring Stories

The EverydayHeroes Trailer made for TV,  tells the story of many people who went through struggles and overcame adversity. These examples pave the way for us to turn our own “Everyday Hero Gene” on, because the “EverydayHero Gene” is encoded in every single one of us, and just needs to be awakened. Our Inspiring Stories include: Sonia, a survivor of abuse,  is an advocate for helping the women and children, as well as the abusers. She is working miracles on the affected people. She started Project Phoenix in response for […]
April 13, 2016
Hero Story #3

EverydayHero Amanda Saves At Risk Kids at Future Aces

  EverydayHero Amanda saves at risk kids at Future Aces every day. She is the education coordinator and has a passion for helping and loving kids, no matter where they come from. She is an EverydayHero. Sometimes we have a hard time defining what an EverydayHero is. She embodies many qualities that define a hero. She is caring, loving, kind, and most importantly, she does genuine acts of kindness, no matter who the kid or person is. She has a beautiful soul that represents an EverydayHero that does acts of […]
April 1, 2016
Hero Story #4

Jo’el Future Aces EverydayHero