A couple of days ago, EDH received a wonderful message from a facebook friend named Dianna:

“My Hero is me!! You can knock me down, but I get up, dust myself off and keep on going! Im the only one that tells me the whole truth and I can rely on myself to be there when need be! I am completely faithful and honest and I love myself for that!”

That message, a simple hero story, really inspired us. While looking back at the message a few days after it was sent, I got to thinking about how people have the power to truly inspire other people. It finally hit me – we are making a difference. Someone took time out of their busy day to share with us their hero and how heroes affect lives.

With this hero story, the deal is sealed. EverydayHeroes.Life is a global community that helps everyone do good, and feel good while doing good. With each post, story, and message, people are getting inspired throughout their daily lives. It’s starting to become something greater than just you and I. We are developing a community here – will you join us on this journey of happiness and heroism?

We sure hope so.

Sending love to our fans everywhere,