January 29, 2016
Hero Story #1

Sudan’s Unspoken Hero

It’s hard to imagine going through life changing events. It’s also hard to imagine being separated from your only brother amidst a terrible civil war. For Abut, the unimaginable became the reality. Growing up in Sudan, Africa, Abut faced a life of terror, war and poverty. Corruption in Sudan was getting out of control, and he almost lost all hope when he became separated from his brother. But, Abut never gave up on himself, and he stands today as a top attorney of law and legislation. He is our hero […]
January 26, 2016
Hero Story #2

The Strength of an Incubator Baby

In our lives, have we ever felt an immense struggle to survive? Have we ever felt that death was an option? Yes, these are some very dark and deep questions, that EDH hopes many have not had to face, however, some of the heroes you all see here have had to face these questions. Some have faced them before reaching a year old. Incubator premature babies and their mothers begin the struggle for life once they arrive here on planet earth. They fight for their lives every single day, each […]
January 23, 2016
Hero Story #3

Child Heroes

A reoccurring theme here at EDH recently has been about the special heroism of babies and small children, along with their brave parents. The parent-child relationship involves both parents and their children to be brave at times, and activate the hero gene inside of them. From a little girl playing the harp as if she had been at it for over 20 years, to preemie mamas and their babies fighting to survive, heroes really do come in all shapes and sizes. So this week, we ask you all to look […]
January 19, 2016
Hero Story #4

Unconditional Love

We want to talk about something rather important today. Whether it be a mother and her preemie baby, or a heroic act, unconditional love and genuine concern are always involved. Team EDH considers love to be a vital component of heroism, because heroic acts can be done out of love many times. Parents who love their children are part time heroes too, and concern is always expressed when someone saves another’s life. This week, think about who and what you love, and why you love it. Think about how love […]