Kethavan is no ordinary fourteen year old boy. He is no ordinary person and he is no average kid in the playground. Kethavan is a brave everyday hero. He has been through things most adults have never experienced. He has been through struggles that would not be wished upon anyone by their worst enemy.

Kethavan experienced immense mental and physical pains while at school. He would be bullied and he even has suicidal thoughts at a very young age. He was tormented and left broken and upset.

However Kethavan did not give up on himself. He did not quit the game we call life. He continued on living and he did not let the bullies or tormentors get to him. He is what we all call an EverydayHero.

Kethavan found his true voice and now he constantly uses it and stands up for himself. Kethavan is a future aces everyday hero because he is strong and he will not let others lead him in the wrong direction.

At future aces conference he attended, Kethavan spread his wings and flew away into a better place, and version of himself. He is what we call a future aces everyday hero because he is a hero that does good and overcomes his obstacles in life. We appreciate the example Kethavan lives by and we love his stamina and courage. He spreads his spirit to everyone around him and most importantly he never gives up on himself. He is always doing what is best for him and the world. Will you join him in his journey?