It’s baby time here at EDH! No, we are not expecting, and we sure don’t mean just the average, everyday baby. We mean we are crazy for our courageous, inspiring preemie babies! It’s preemie baby mania here!

We simply cannot mention the preemie babies without paying homage to their remarkable mothers, fathers, doctors and nursing team. When a premature baby is brought in this world, every person involved in the process is a hero in their own right. A hero for striving to make the experience one to overcome, for the baby and their mother.

EDH realizes the magnitude of heroism in delivering a premature baby, and we want to give a round of applause to all who’ve experienced this. We also want to note the little critters who decided to begin their lives a little too early… Those babies are ambitious, strong and resilient babies. We can’t wait to see what they will offer our world and what heroism the future has in store for us.

Love, EDH