EverydayHero Papito Wilson Inspires and Innovates


EverydayHero Papito Wilson Inspires and Innovates

EverydayHero Papito Wilson Inspires and Innovates people to step outside of their comfort zones, and find their inner EverydayHero. Papito has been an inspiration to almost every person he meets. He is a bright star amidst a sea of people, always making his community laugh and smile. It can be a dark, cold, grey day outside, but when you are in EverydayHero Papito’s presence, it feels so warm and welcoming, as if the sun has come out. What a gift he is because with only one leg, his heart is so big that it UPLIFTS everyone.


Who is Papito Wilson?
EverydayHero Papito Wilson is a remarkable person who INSPIRES others and INNOVATES everyday. He does not let his disability stop him from ‘going for the gold,’ or bronze medal in his case. Papito survived a horrible industrial  accident, when he saved the life of a co-worker from a machine. He almost lost his head to the sugar cane machine, but ended up losing his leg. Of course he was angry at first. He struggled with depression at the huge loss. But then,  he saw the sadness around him, at his loss, and made a very BRAVE decision, that he was going to succeed, NO MATTER WHAT. His motto became NEVER GIVE UP, NO MATTER WHAT. And this was the turning point for him!! He then decided to start a whole new life, outside of Cuba, to continue his athletic career, as a Paralympic athlete. Papito had always dreamed of competing as an athelete on a professional level. He trained and trained after his accident, NEVER giving up on himself. Shortly after arriving in Canada, he applied to TEAM CANADA..And Got in!! The only problem was that he needed Canadian citizenship to compete..and that could take years. What happened next was amazing. Our Innovative friend approached and convinced NDP Leader Jack Layton to help. He made a few calls, and within just one week Papito was Canada’s newest citizen. He could compete at the world games. And he sure competed…

Papito won Canada a bronze medal in the World Championship games. Papito did it!!! He never gave up, not once, and this is why EverydayHero Papito Wilson Inspires and Innovates. Papito is an EverydayHero because although he had many setbacks in his life, he did not let those setbacks control his destiny. He took charge, and conquered his obstacles. He overcame his hardships. He led himself on the road to his own success. What a great role model, with just one leg!!


Papito is an inspiration to all. He has achieved so much in his life, yet one would never be able to tell from his everyday demeanour. He treats everyone with kindness and respect, and always stays true to himself. He is an EverydayHero who has the power to change this world and make a difference in the community. Putting smiles on people’s faces, Papito gives us hope that there is still kindness in humanity.


EverydayHero Papito Wilson Inspires and Innovates.