March 16, 2016
Hero Story #1

Elizabeth the Courageous EverydayHero

  Elizabeth never ceases to amaze us. She is such a talented and bright young girl. Her star never stopped shining no matter what she went through. Being called horrible names and bullied to the core – Elizabeth never gave up, and became the EverydayHero she is today.
March 2, 2016
Hero Story #2

Sonia the EverydayHero

The ‘everyday hero’ gene is found inside of everyone, everywhere. It is waiting for the right moment to be turned on. It is expressed in simple, ordinary actions of kindness, courage, and love. An everyday hero sacrifices for the greater good. A hero shows true empathy and compassion. Doing good feels good, and it is in our nature to do good things for others, sharing love. The everyday hero is all of us, will you join us? Let’s make the world a better place, together…
February 29, 2016
Hero Story #3

Celebrity EverydayHero Leo Wins

The whole world cheered last night when the best actor winner was announced. Leonardo DiCaprio has been a loved actor and philanthropist for at least 25 years. Words cannot describe the joy EDH had when he received what he had been working for – the famed Oscar statue. Leo never gave up on his dreams, and strived to make the world a better place with his films. He brings happiness, sadness, and hope to viewers in movies like Titanic, The Departed, and now from The Revenant, his latest film. Leo […]
February 26, 2016
Hero Story #4

Jo’el A Leading EverydayHero

Jo’el, a 26 year old graduate of the Future Aces program, found his inner hero and overcame adversity. He has grown into the good citizen he is today with the help of Future Aces conferences. He gives all kids hope that it is possible for anyone to change their ways with a little posititive support in their life, no matter where they came from. Today, not only is Jo’el the Future Aces emcee, but he is married with a beautiful little girl, continuing his education as an established record producer.
February 24, 2016
Hero Story #5

Elizabeth: Future Aces Heroine

Vibrant Elizabeth speaks about her experience with bullying and being called a lesbian when she was not. Hear her moving and inspirational story and be amazed with what this 14 year old has overcome.        
February 22, 2016
Hero Story #6

Kethavan A Future Aces Everyday Hero

  Kethavan is no ordinary fourteen year old boy. He is no ordinary person and he is no average kid in the playground. Kethavan is a brave everyday hero. He has been through things most adults have never experienced. He has been through struggles that would not be wished upon anyone by their worst enemy. Kethavan experienced immense mental and physical pains while at school. He would be bullied and he even has suicidal thoughts at a very young age. He was tormented and left broken and upset. However Kethavan […]
February 21, 2016
Hero Story #7

Amanda Fingerhut – Future Aces EverydayHero

February 20, 2016
Hero Story #8

EverydayHeroes Serving and Protecting

You don’t think much when you here a firetruck alarm. I’m sure it seems annoying when the ambulance keeps ringing miles after its past the car. But what we don’t realize in the moment, is these vehicles are saving lives. Even further, the people inside the cars – police, firemen, EMS workers – they help and heal everyday. We don’t appreciate the people that put their lives at risk to save us. The firemen and police officers that roam the city waiting to be that EverydayHero we need sometimes. Whether […]
February 19, 2016
Hero Story #9

Amanda – Future Aces Key Holder

Amanda Fingerhut, the education coordinator, helps children reinvent themselves as leaders during a three day conference by instilling a positive mantra and confident attitude in each participant through a series of activities and guest speakers. Her value of education is shown to the kids at risk, encouraging them to take school seriously and try to focus on learning. The effect is remarkable on these children as the camera tells no lies, emphasizing the importance of a positive influence and a smile on children from some heroic people who are willing […]
February 17, 2016
Hero Story #10

Powerful Carnegie Women

  Meet the strong women behind the scenes that supported Herb Carnegie to get his message out to the world. Three Carnegie women (Audrey, Bernice and Brooke) enabled him to always lead by example and show courage at every turn. He embodied “Believing in Yourself” which is the mantra we all need. It is these women that are carrying Herb Carnegie’s legacy forward through The Future Aces Foundation.
February 15, 2016
Hero Story #11

Seed Video

  www.EverydayHeroes.Life is an initiative to bring out the Hero in everyone, everywhere, by activating the gene to do good. Barbara’s Dad was her first Hero, and a National Hero, in pre-Israel Palestine. He was the seed that sparked her interest in Heroes. When “Wallet Angels” returned her stolen wallet, EverydayHeroes was born. We all have the ability to be an Everyday Hero, because heroic and taking inspired action lives inside. EverydayHeroes is a place to share hope, and together, we can change the world.
February 15, 2016
Hero Story #12

Family Everyday Heroes

Family. The one thing you know will always be there for you. Today in Canada marks Family Day; the day to celebrate who birthed you, raised you, and who has been there for you. Family is important for everyone. Take the Carnegie women for example. Herb Carnegie, a famous hockey player, had his backbone with him throughout his entire career. The backbone being his wife and daughter, and later his granddaughter. Herb wouldn’t have been the man he was without his family. He achieved a lot for at risk kids […]