The Weekly Wall of Heroes, Part 4

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Stranger goes out of their way to return lost sentimental items.

“When they couldn’t reach me, they didn’t give up. If there’s a word I could call them, I want to call them giants,” she said. “Giants of kindness. Doing something noble for a stranger, when no one is watching, is just priceless.”

Erlinda Tan, after being laid off, was moving to Vancouver from Edmonton. On the way, a box of deeply sentimental items, such as a 25- year old Bible or a 50-year old scrapbook that belonged to her deceased father, fell out of their moving truck and was feared to be lost for good. Two weeks later Erlinda received a surprise in her mail, the box returned after a stranger found it. The most remarkable element of this story is that the box did not contain any information on Tan’s new address. The stranger had gone out of their way to track her down and make sure the box was returned when they could have easily tossed it away. Now that’s an Everyday Hero.  

Thailand eliminates mother-to-child HIV transmission

“Thailand’s unwavering commitment to core public health principles has made elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis a reality, a critical step for rolling back the HIV epidemic. Thailand has demonstrated to the world that HIV can be defeated.”

On June 8, WHO, the World Health Organization, congratulated Thailand as the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis, especially in the midst of a HIV epidemic. Thailand heavily adopted an early treatment strategy known to reduce the chance of transmission to 1%, through the use of antiretroviral medicine. The strategy is part of a greater, broad health strategy implemented by the government, including universal health care. 

Scientists remove HIV DNA from animal genome, critical step in AIDS fight!

Over the last month, researchers from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University have made critical breakthroughs in the fight against AIDS. Using gene editing technology, they managed to, for the first time, successfully remove a segment of the HIV-1 DNA from the genomes of animals. Current medicine can only suppress HIV spreading, but cannot eliminate HIV directly from the infected cells, until now. The infection was significantly reduced following the gene editing. So remarkable was the breakthrough that, a clinical trial on humans could start as early as the next few years, which is fast for a recent discovery. 

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