The Weekly Wall of Heroes, Part 2

The Weekly Wall of Heroes, Part 2

Happy Friday to you, our EVERYDAY HEROES. Welcome back to The Weekly Wall of Heroes, where we present ordinary people doing extraordinary things!!

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First Combat Amputee to reach the Top of Mt Everest.

Charlie Linville is a Marine Corp Veteran. He was a Staff Sgt, honourably discharged. He suffered a brain injury and a severly injured finger and foot from a land mine. His finger was amputated. After many failed treatments and two painful years, so was his foot.

His struggle caught the attention of Tim Medvetz. The former Hells Angel biker runs a Nonprofit that helps injured veterans climb mountains, called the Heroes Project.


Medvetz told CBS, “Charlie gets out of boot camp and decides, ‘I’m going to start defusing bombs, one of the most dangerous jobs in the Marine Corps.” After his war injuries he tells the doctor, ‘Cut my leg off.’ … You don’t make those decisions in your life, without being strong here [in the head] and here [in the heart].”

Linville says he took on the expedition to make peace with the traumatic memories of his military past. After months of gruelling training to prepare, and two failed climbs attempts, on May 19th, 2016 he  finally reached the 29,035 foot summit.

Dog wakes residents during night fire, and saves 15 lives. 


A six unit townhouse in the Albertan town of Blackfalds, went up in flames on May 18th, in the early morning. If not for their dog, Zieverink and his family would not have woken up. He would not have been able to wake up the other residents in time. The fire started around 2:30 am, on a deck, which then set off a propane tank. The blaze burned so fast and so hot that plastic bins around the townhouse melted. Thankfully, all 15 residents and their pets made it out safely, thanks to one vigilant dog.

Tortoise, burned severely, receives new 3D printed shell. (1)

Feddy the tortoise, was found with a badly burnt shell by the Animal Avengers, a Nonprofit animal advocate goup. One of the group’s services is 3D printing for animals in need. His new shell was crafted from four interlocking pieces of corn-plastic. It was painted and restored on Freddy’s back. Dr. Rabello, the group’s vet, fell in love with Freddy and adopted him, giving him not only a new shell, but a new home.

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