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Muslim Farmers Build Church for Christian Neighbors in Pakistan

“This church being built by Muslims in a small community is very significant,” one Pakistani Christian told the BBC. “It shows that people have love in their hearts and if there are those that fuel the fire, there are also those to douse the flames.”

In a region known for its religious conflict, these Muslim village farmers practice kindness for their neighbors and fellow followers of the book, practicing the true virtues of their faith as they help Christians in their neighborhood build a church. They hope they can live in peace and show others that such a thing is possible. Ijaz Farooq says he hopes to bring people together. By building the church, he seeks to unite his community.

Hundreds line up to donate blood for Orlando Nightclub victims

At least 50 people were killed and 53 injured in a mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The nightclub was a famous gay hub and the shooting was a hate crime. Hundreds of Florida esidents lined up to support and stand in solidarity with the victims by donating their blood for their emergency care. PEOPLE estimates there were about 450 people waiting to donate at the time of reporting, with dozens more having already done so. 

“You want to do something to help,” Frank Tiffany, who was also in line to donate, told the outlet. “It’s hard to believe. You have to do something to help. You can’t stay home.”

Millennials win landmark Climate ruling

Just today the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled in favor of four young plaintiffs who claim the state has failed to follow through on laws that require reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The court, in unanimous decision, ordered the state to begin implementing the law as written immediately.

Although Massachusetts currently has one of the most progressive greenhouse gas limit laws in the country, the state’s Department of Environmental Protection refused to issue regulations to implement the law and impose the emissions cap. This momentous victory paves the way for future ongoing legal battles by Millennials for their future, and their right to a healthy life and a healthy Earth.

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