EverydayHeroes New Trailer With Inspiring Stories


The EverydayHeroes Trailer made for TV,  tells the story of many people who went through struggles and overcame adversity. These examples pave the way for us to turn our own “Everyday Hero Gene” on, because the “EverydayHero Gene” is encoded in every single one of us, and just needs to be awakened.
Our Inspiring Stories include:
Sonia, a survivor of abuse,  is an advocate for helping the women and children, as well as the abusers. She is working miracles on the affected people. She started Project Phoenix in response for women and children in shelters. Her goal is  to rebuild dignity, and create a happy home.
Modya and Jessica, two EverydayHeroes started the Human Kindness Project to bring about more kindness in the world. They work with women and children in shelters, and school kids to do random acts of kindness.
Jo’el, a 26 year old graduate of the Future Aces program, found his inner hero and overcame adversity. He went from gangs, guns, and violence into the good citizen he is today with the help of Future Aces Conferences. Today he is a spokesperson for Youth and violence, steering them in the right direction.
Amanda Fingerhut, the Future Aces Education Coordinator, helps children reinvent themselves as leaders during a three day conference by instilling a positive mantra and confident attitude in each participant. She really is an angel in disguise, changing lives..
Vibrant and outspoken with a powerful message, 14 year old Elizabeth was bullied by her peers, and falsely accused of being a lesbian by her guidance counsellors.
Kethavan, a brilliant kid was bullied and had suicidal thoughts. He overcame his hardships and found his inner voice, using it to help kids become leaders. Today, he and Elizabeth both advocate against Bullying at the Ministry of Education.

EverydayHeroes is changing lives. Through our social media platform with Inspiring Stories we reach people globally. We are now in over 70 countries worldwide, predominantly engaging Millennials, adding light and positivity into lives. We must be touching a core human need for caring, goodness, and overcoming struggle..because our Movement is engaging 100,00+ Millennials weekly. Doing good means feeling good and the more we spread this simple message – our world will become a BETTER place.

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