You don’t think much when you here a firetruck alarm. I’m sure it seems annoying when the ambulance keeps ringing miles after its past the car. But what we don’t realize in the moment, is these vehicles are saving lives. Even further, the people inside the cars – police, firemen, EMS workers – they help and heal everyday.

We don’t appreciate the people that put their lives at risk to save us. The firemen and police officers that roam the city waiting to be that EverydayHero we need sometimes. Whether it be to save a life, or help bring whiskers down from the tree, these people work and protect us 24-7.

So next time you hear an alarm, try to remember and think about the heroes inside the car. Those heroes are rushing to be there for someone in the community. You never know, one day it could be you that needs help from them. So always appreciate the everyday heroes around you.