Alisse EverydayHero Preemie Mama to Triplets


Alisse EverydayHero Preemie Mama to Triplets is brave and courageous.

Alisse could not find a doctor that would take her on as a Preemie Mama of triplets until she found Sunnybrook’s multiples clinic for high risk mothers. There she was treated with respect and compassion, choosing to keep all three of her babies. Today we are celebrating Alisse’s triplets’ 5th Birthday (Hailey, Joseph, and Phillip). Many accolades to the team at Sunnybrook’s Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) that made this possible. Alisse EverydayHero Preemie Mama to Triplets is something that will never be forgotten.

The Everyday Hero is within every single human being on this planet, and is expressed by simple, ordinary actions. Heroes like Alisse do simple acts; of kindness, courage, and love. Everyday we have a chance to be the star in the movie of our own lives. In a letter to his daughter released in April 2015, Albert Einstein writes “life is a flow of love, your participation is requested.” Our world needs more heroes. It is our job to bring out the hero that lives inside of each of us, making this world a better place to live in.

Alisse overcame her obstacles and struggles while pregnant with triplets, and she really became the heroic mother of her children. She is a brave and positive role model to everyone around her including her family and friends. It is hard to gain the courage Alisse EverydayHero Preemie Mama to Triplets had to go through her situations. One of her babies was expected to die, the others were in jeopardy as well. She did not give up on herself or her children and handled the situation extremely well. Her positivity and heroism gave her what she always wanted: a family of her own.