EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice Saving At Risk Kids


EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice Saving At Risk Kids

EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice saving at risk kids each and every day. Brooke and Bernice make this world a better place. Through their generosity and Future Aces movement, they are impacting many different kids. They are guiding kids to lead better lives; to become leaders.

Sometimes people wonder what their calling is in life, and they look for it for many years. Brooke, daughter of Bernice, found hers at a young age. She saw her grandfather, Herbert Carnegie, give back to the community from the program he developed known as Future Aces. Herb not only had a successful hockey career, but he excelled by giving back. The Future Aces creed includes ‘courage’ and ‘leading by example’, which is what kids learn while attending their conference. Brooke saw how Herb visited schools, and brought kids leadership skills, confidence, and happiness. And so Brooke’s journey with Future Aces began…

Bernice on the other hand began her journey at Future Aces a little later in her life. She started going with her father Herb to the high schools, eventually taking over the foundation. This is an important lesson. Whether you’re 20 or 50, it’s never too late to have the Hero gene activated within. Brooke and Bernice activated their hero genes at different ages and times. They both embody the EverydayHero through their acts of courage, kindness and love to many At Risk Kids. EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice Saving At Risk Kids, and this is their wonderful contribution to our world. They make a difference in each and every kid’s life they speak to.

The EDH movement and community is growing exponentially. This is due to wonderful EverydayHeroes like Brooke and Bernice, who do good, and instil feeling good and believing in youself – #believeinyourself. Being an EverydayHero means helping others in need, and putting yourself aside to spread kindness and to do good things. We are very proud of our EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice. Their mantra is  at risk kids have a better future. EverydayHeroes Brooke and Bernice Saving At Risk Kids will make have a huge impact in the community. Future generations will be inspired by Brooke and Bernice, creating a BETTER future for all.