The Heroes and Heroics of Fort McMurray Part 1

As you all know, on May 1 2016, a wildfire swept through Wood Buffalo, Alberta. This Fire raged over thousands of acres of forest in days, and still there is no end in sight.

The Fort McMurray fires terrorized, destroyed, and displaced 90,000 residents and workers.

This wildfire evacuation is the largest in Canadian history, and the third largest environmental evacuation in the world. The fire hit record breaking temperatures of 32.8 Celsius.

The People of Canada, and the World, came together to organize aid, fight, and bring hope to those fleeing.

Here are some of the EVERYDAY HEROES who compassionately helped the people of Fort McMurray.

Firefighters fight in spite of Emotional Hardships

“At the end of the day, we are ordinary people, but when put in extraordinary situations, we are capable of extraordinary things,” said Captain Nick Waddington from Fort McMurray’s Fire Fighters Association. “This is our home, our community . . . and we will do anything to protect and rebuild it.”

Many firefighters assigned to Fort McMurray have a personal stake in beating this fire. At least 20 of them already lost their homes to it.

Mark Stephenson, struggled to fireproof his house, in the face of an approaching wildfire. Traumatized, he watched his home burn to the ground. He immediately went on to work a 23-hour shift.


“For me, there was no time to dwell on what was gone, as shitty as it was, my home was already gone,” he said. “To sit and dwell on it, would make me ineffective.”

Tia Morari, had to flee and leave her children  behind with the day staff of her fire hall.  She went back into the hell-storm along with her husband, fighting the blaze for up to 20 hours each day.


“It is hard to talk to them because they cry,” she told the Toronto Star, through her own tears. “It is hard because everyone else has at least one parent out there, but we are both here.”

Randy Hoggarth, left his pregnant wife alone in hospital, just before her delivery. This EVERYDAY HERO Fireman missed the birth of his  second child fighting to save people and their homes in Fort Mac..


                              “It kills me that I wasn’t there for the first few hours,” he said.

These hardships are the realities faced by the resilient men and women of Fort McMurray. These brave EVERYDAY HEROES are still struggling to conquer a devastating fire that will last for months…  These are ordinary people, who are no different than you or me. They show the strength of  the  human spirit and the power we all have within, to be an EVERYDAY HERO.

“We are winning,” she said. “We have saved houses, and neighbourhoods. It feels good to be here, it feels right.” Tia Morari, Fort McMurray 2016

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