The Heroes and Heroics of Fort McMurray Part 2

A dog sits near the remains of a house after a fire in Comuna 13 in Medellin, Colombia. (Fredy Amariles/ReutersFredy Amariles/Reuters)


The Heroes and Heroics of Fort McMurray Part 2

As you know, on May 1st 2016, wildfires swept through Wood Buffalo, Alberta. These wildfires raged over thousands of acres of forest in days, and continues to grow. The Fort McMurray fires terrorized, and displaced over 90,000 residents and workers. This evacuation is the largest in Canadian history, and the third largest environmental evacuation in the world. The fires hit record breaking temperatures of 32.8 Celsius. The Canadian people came together to organize aid, and bring hope to those fleeing.

Here are some of the EVERYDAY HEROES who compassionately joined with the people of Fort McMurray.

Canadians come together to help rescue animals

The city was scorched by what Alberta Premier Rachel Notley described as, “An Ocean of Fire”. Almost 90,000 residents, and workers fled the city. Many of them in their panic couldn’t find their pets. Rescue workers did their best to save as many animals as they could, and move them to city shelters.


As these shelters became overcrowded, everyday people stepped up to do what they could. Humane Societies from all over Canada rushed to help. Fort McMurray’s Animal Rescue began a public campaign to list and search for the missing animals. The Alberta Equestrian Federation gathered volunteers to take the frightened animals to shelters in Edmonton. They raised money for food and water, transport, and animal medical care.


Back on the ground, Good Samaritans offered their homes to house abandoned pets. Some, like Marty Frost and Lee Ellis, began by saving their friend’s pets. They noticed other trapped animals, and went on a mission to save as many as they could. They kicked in people’s doors and went into burning houses themselves. Bryan Jones and his friends rescued up to 27 dogs and cats in a single day. Kevin Wonitowy, a local locksmith, stayed behind to help the rescue efforts, by picking locks.


Suncor (an oil and gas company), offered it’s airlines for evacuation. When owners arrived with their pets, Keith Mann, manager of operations, bent the rules to allow the pets on board. Canadian North Air and West Jet made the same humane choice to transport these pets.

These individuals, and over 80 Humane Societies, are real EVERYDAY HEROES. They risked their lives to save these animals, preventing further heartache for their families, from this already tragic situation.

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