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Retired South African executive in Australia seeks to relocate and save Rhinos from Poachers.


Ray Dearlove, a retired South African sales executive, is fundraising for the Australian Rhino Project.

He wants to save the Rhinos from Poachers. He hopes that they will become a “seed bank” to breed future generations. He will move 80 of these endangered animals to a secret Safari location, far away from poachers.

These rhinos will be transported by airlift. The 11,000 km journey costs $44,000 US  for each rhino. Funding, from private and corporate sources, is well underway, with six rhinos moving to their new Safari home by the end of the year.

Read more at Today! or see the organisation itself. 

[Title Story] Dog saves 7 year old from snake, suffers from venom bite. Hundreds donate for dog’s recovery. 

Molly DeLuca was playing with her German Shepherd in the back yard, when the dog suddenly jumped in front of her and reared several times. A Rattlesnake from a nearby State Park had escaped, finding it’s way into the DeLuca’s backyard.

 The dog fought off the snake, being bitten several times in the leg. The venom damaged the dog’s kidneys, but a full recovery is expected. The family, having trouble with finances, began fundraising  for their EVERYDAY HERO dog’s recovery.

A day in Intensive Care costs between $1000 to $1500, and each vial of anti-venom is $618. The dog needs an average of 4 or 5 vials a day. The  dog’s campaign went viral, raising over $35,000 as of May 13/16. The family promises to donate extra funds to a local rescue organisation.

Dr. Susan Partovi: Doctor of Skid Row’s Homeless. 


Skid Row is known one of America’s most densly concentrated centres of homeless people. It is just next door to some of the richest people in downtown Los Angeles.

Dr. Partovi, has dedicated her life to helping the homeless. Her thankless work over the last dozen years often leaves her with little or no money, because she gives it all away to the homeless. Partovi began working with teams of crisis workers weekly who patrol the streets, to help those who sleep on them. She  now works as the medical director of Homeless Health Care LA and the Skid Row clinic.

Although she grew up wealthy in West Los Angeles, her  real love was always to take care of the underdog. Partovi attended a local church. She joined the church’s monthly trips to Tiajuana to help homeless families. There she found her passion, and lifelong mission of helping the poor.

Read more of her story at the Stat!

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