It’s hard to imagine going through life changing events. It’s also hard to imagine being separated from your only brother amidst a terrible civil war. For Abut, the unimaginable became the reality.

Growing up in Sudan, Africa, Abut faced a life of terror, war and poverty. Corruption in Sudan was getting out of control, and he almost lost all hope when he became separated from his brother.

But, Abut never gave up on himself, and he stands today as a top attorney of law and legislation. He is our hero because he never gave up hope, and always did his best to spread goodness in this world, even when faced with nothing but evil.

What does being a Hero mean to you? Think about it this weekend. Think about what you have and who you share your life with. In this world, war tries to destroy happiness. Make a difference like a Abut, and spread kindness. Doing good makes you feel good. Would you like to try it?