Jo’el Douglas has come a long way. He has been on a unique journey, and his inner hero shined through his adversity. Growing up as an at risk kid, Jo’el was heading down the wrong path. He was subjected to life’s complications and harsh realities at a very young age.

But, he made it through. With the help of Herbert Carnegie’s Future Aces program, Jo’el found his inner hero and succeeded. Now, as a Future Aces conference emcee, Jo’el helps kids in similar positions he was in. He gives them hope for their future.

Everyday Heroes wants the world to become the leaders they are capable of being, to promote goodness to all. Jo’el is one of these people doing good for us all. That is why, we salute you Jo’el, your wonderful wife and gorgeous daughter (pictured at 2015 Future Aces conference)

Anything can happen. Just believe.

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