Gandhi The Revolutionary EverydayHero (1869-1948)

Gandhi, our Everyday Hero of the week, is a real inspiration to all. He left his mark as a Human Rights activist, due to his lifelong struggle for India’s Independence from British rule. When we think of Gandhi, we think of Freedom, Peace and Equality for all.

During his 78 years of life, Gandhi achieved much. He excelled in school, moving to England to pursue his Law degree. Later he moved to South Africa and stayed for 21 years. There, he had his first experience of racial discrimination, when he was thrown out of a train for being a person of colour. It was that cold night after experiencing deep humiliation, that he decided to spend his the rest of his life in the fight for justice. He transformed from a quiet, shy man to the strong and resilient leader he became, using non violent resistance. He was arrested several times, thrown in jail and protested through hunger strikes.
He began social reforms for poor Indians living in South Africa, giving them ownership of salt, that had been prohibited by oppressive British rule.
He returned to India, where he played a key role in winning Independence for his country.
Gandhi still teaches us important lessons to this day. This Everyday Hero fought for what he believed in, bringing about human rights and equality for all.


Here are some inspiring facts that many people do not know about Gandhi, that make him an EverydayHero and role model:

1. Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize 5X
2. Gandhi was responsible for the Civil Rights movement in 4 continents and 12 countries

3. His Funeral procession was 8 kilometers long because so many wanted to pay him respect

4. Great Britain, the country against whom he fought for Independence, released a stamp honouring him, 21 years after his death

5. Mahatma Gandhi walked/traveled almost 18 kilometers a day throughout his lifetime which is enough to walk around the world twice over

6. Mahatma Gandhi corresponded with many world leaders urging peace– Tolstoy, Einstein and Hitler were among them

7. He was not present during Nehru’s tryst of destiny speech to celebrate Independence

8. Most relics of Gandhi’s, including the clothes he wore when he was shot, are still preserved in Gandhi Museum, Madurai India

9. He never held an official position in any political body during the final years of his life
Gandhi revolutionized life for Indians across the world. He promoted peaceful resistance and equality for all. This is why he is an EverydayHero to us.

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