The whole world cheered last night when the best actor winner was announced. Leonardo DiCaprio has been a loved actor and philanthropist for at least 25 years. Words cannot describe the joy EDH had when he received what he had been working for – the famed Oscar statue.

Leo never gave up on his dreams, and strived to make the world a better place with his films. He brings happiness, sadness, and hope to viewers in movies like Titanic, The Departed, and now from The Revenant, his latest film.

Leo uses his stardom to advocate for change. He advocates for climate change awareness throughout the world, and always tries to give back to people. He is more than just an actor – but a voice for the people who must be heard. He is our Celebrity EverydayHero because although he has been recognized by the Academy – we want him to know he is recognized by EDH for promoting goodness and change. Let’s hope he sees this and is honoured!

Sending love,