Today we would like to make a post in tribute to the World Blood Donor’s Day on June 14th, an international day of recognition of Everyday Hero blood donors globally and their important, lifesaving contribution. The day exists to spread wider awareness of the need for blood transfusion and to bring more into the fold.

The marked day itself was born in May 2005, when the 192 member states of WHO adopted a resolution to establish it as an annual event, in collaboration with the Red Crescent, Red Cross, and a host of countless international and national blood transfusion societies and organisations.

Donating some blood may seem like a trivial gesture to some, for how can a few ML of blood help anyone? The act is incredibly important though, from helping patients suffering life-threatening conditions live longer and better lives to supporting complex medical and surgical procedures. It is an essential tool in the safety and treatment of women and children in birth care and accidents, and a godsend during disasters.

Even a single unit blood is incredibly valuable. For example, just one liver transplant uses around 120 units of donated blood. A single unit can also be broken into its parts, such as iron and plasma, which serve as essential ingredients in complex medical procedures.

In high-income countries, blood is most used for the care of patients over 65 years of age and is required for procedures such as heart surgery, transplants, trauma, and therapy for blood malignancies. In middle and low-income countries, blood is most essential for pregnancy complications, children suffering from various blood disorders such as malaria and anaemia, and traumatic injuries.

Blood is always in critical supply however, because not enough people understand its essential need. Just this year several places issued shortages of blood supplies. On February 1st, the American Red Cross faced an emergency for blood after winter weather caused the cancellation of over 10,000 donations.

The organisation needs about 80,000 blood units on hand every day for 2,600 hospitals and transfusion centers nationwide, yet it only has about 36,000 daily. Demand outpaces the slow increase in donations by 3 percent, leaving the organisation behind by 40,000 units.

It is especially in summer that blood shortages become more widespread, as schools and businesses have less blood drives due to vacation times and breaks.

Thus, we salute every single one of the compassionate Everyday Heroes who take some time to donate their blood, most unaware how essential and important they are, and we urge you to donate if you can.

Believe us, every drop counts.

Please join us in our Global Movement, to ignite the EVERYDAY HERO that lives within EVERYONE,

EVERYWHERE, to create a BETTER world, together.

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