How the idea began:

In 2008, sadly my Father passed away. It was a huge loss for me, as I am Daddy’s girl. To heal, I made a documentary film in Tribute to him. It was a labour of love. In making his film, the process captivated me. I learned about my Father’s life, loves and losses. It was absolutely exhilarating… I spent several years learning about filmmaking, in Film School, seminars, workshops, and Film Festivals and Film Markets. The greatest learning came from other Filmmakers who shared advice gained from their experiences in the Industry.

Why Heroes?
The Hero theme began with my Dad, my Forever Hero. He was not only my Hero, but a National Hero too. He was a Freedom Fighter in the Irgun, who risked his life bringing bombs into British Headquarters. This pivotal action was a turning point in the War of Independence. When Israel was established (in 1948), he applied for work with the President. The only option offered was to be a milk man. Either that, or be exiled to Kenya with the rest of his platoon. Why such hostility? Turns out that he was caught in a political conflict that left him blacklisted. Was he in fact a Hero or a Terrorist? That depends on who you ask...This paradox intrigued me. I began to explore the link between a Hero and a terrorist, and went to Israel. This topic was impossible to unravel, I came back here in 2011, dejected. Upon my return, I went grocery shopping. My wallet was stolen at the grocery store. The security video showed that the thieves were professionals. I was warning other women not to leave their purse alone, even for a moment, as I did. And then a small miracle happened.. Within under an hour, two wonderful women returned my wallet with all my credit cards intact… My Wallet Angels!!

At that moment, I realized that Heroes are everywhere, and in everyone.That is when Everyday Heroes was born.

My Fathers' Legacy:
After making my first trailer for “Everyday Heroes” I discovered old footage, and popped it into the DVD player. I saw highlights of my life, documented in film. My hair stood on end, and for a moment the world stopped…It was then that I realized that Filmmaking was the gift he gave me, after he passed. A brand new outlook on life, and a story to tell. My Wallet Angels solidified for me what I want to share in the world, which is finding The Hero in everyone, everywhere. And bringing the 'Inner Hero' to life, one person at a time, to make the world a better place.